Friday, November 4, 2011

Time Is Running OUT!!!

We got a dumpster load of troubles coming our way.

And we got no one to blame but ourselves.

While we looked the other way, Porky Picard (shown below)


used his power and his office to enrich his cronies by using millions of our tax dollarsKen Carney (and his company, Baybrook Remodeling) is only the most obvious sucker at the City's teats at this point in time.

The fact is that Porky (and his pigs) are now pulling on a dry well...but that won't stop them.

I don't know if you noticed it, but real estate prices have gone a bit down in the past few years.  But the porkers need their fat, and so (go figure) the values of condos went SKY-HIGH last year (or so the Assessor said).  And we all know the Assessor is non-political, right?  So, condo owners paid about 150% more than in 2009...and we all know that West Haven condo's were selling like hotcakes then, right?

Uh, Right????!!!!!!!!

Well, here's a prediction for y'all.  You'll vote Porky and his pals back in, and then (with apologies to the Rev. Martin Niemöller) :

"First, they raised the taxes on the condos, and I didn't protest because I didn't own a condo;

 Then they raised the taxes on the apartments, and I didn't protest because I didn't live in an apartment; 

Then they raised the taxes on the multi-families, and I didn't protest because I didn't live in a multi-family;

Then they raised the taxes on me; but by then there was no one left to protest."

 Next year, when they're all elected, they're coming for US.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Once more Around the Crossing

Sigh...Here we go yet again.

In his latest attempt to boost his reelection chances er, improve the City, Mayor Picard unveiled (with the requisite hoopla and self-promotion) the latest "final" plans for re-inventing our shoreline at the New Haven border.

Of course, Mr. "Stop-&-Shop will never build on Elm Street" (or, if you prefer, Mr. "Wal*Mart will never build on Saw Mill Road") is the same gentleman who killed the last "final" plan for this long-neglected parcel...simply because he didn't like the political affiliations of the builders...and pushed United Illuminating away.

Actually, this "final" plan - in the extremely unlikely event it comes to pass - actually looks pretty good from the City's side.  UNLESS THERE'S SOME "SWEETHEART" TAX BREAKS we haven't been told about.

At this point, I don't give a rat's butt WHO gets the credit; I don't even care that this is a blatant political ploy.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exonerated...Not Guilty...Innocent...UNMUZZLED

I had been "muzzled" for over a year (on the advice of legal counsel)...but this has finally been ended.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission, after reviewing some 8 complaints against yours truly (as well as against those elected officials who are - shall we say - not loved by the Picard machine) found me innocent of violating any laws whilst I was Head Moderator for West Haven.  I need not add that I'll never again make the mistake of serving West Haven at the risk of losing my Constitutional right to voice my opinion.  But, the Picard Machine use (and abuse) certain people to do their dirty work: to prevent those THEY CANNOT CONTROL from doing anything good within this town...regardless of any good that might be had for West Haven.

So...I'll be posting again, just to give all of my faithful followers (whether friend or foe) my take on the goings on in West Haven...and Connecticut.

Fasten your seat belts, people: I plan on making this a bumpy ride.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Are we all EQUAL???

We've all seen it.  We've all had to deal with it.  And we can all agree: 

This Winter SUCKS!!!

But... I have to state the TRUTH as I can see it; and that TRUTH is:

Our City workers have done the best they can do, within the politcs they have to deal with.  We have to be patient whilst they catch up with this.

But...There is another side to the WHOLE TRUTH, and that COMPLETE  TRUTH is this:

The TRUTH is that the West Shore Area was cleared by CITY Payloaders THREE WEEKS ago...and have been done TWICE SINCE.  

Since then, some OTHER areas haven't been yet cleared once...including Second Avenue.  I don't have to even go into the DISASTER that is Allingtown.  These facts are the WEST HAVEN TRUTH.

I have made repeated requests to get a reason why this is so.  I have been informed by City officials (off the record) that no explanation is to be given...particularly to meLike the Egyptian government, our City government chooses to give information only to its favored sources (like the so-called "Voice" newspaper, which  only will reliably print the "Party Line" without the Party's Rebuttal...not surprising as it is owned by the Party in power).  If you listen carefully, that spinning sound you hear is Colby Driessen's body in his grave: he spent his life challenging the "powers-that-be" to do better for West Haven - no matter the party label; and he's probably blowing his (heavenly) breakfast when he looks down at the political whore his successor has become...and how that whore has perverted his legacy and newspaper.
But I have strayed somewhat off the theme off this post.  I merely wish to ask:

  • Should we accept that only those in power get better City service than the rest of us?   Shall we meekly accept that (as Orwell predicted) "some...are more equal than others"?  
  • Or should everyone share equally in these natural problems?  Should not we boldly demand as one people that (as Jefferson insisted) "all...are created equal"?

Only YOU the VOTER can decide. won't get the TRUTH from reading "The VOICE".

Either way you WILL choose...and enjoy the winter.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And Another Player Strikes Out! (But WHO?)

 One of the more interesting characteristics of the incoming Malloy administration - at least from the viewpoint of political oddsmakers - is the large number of elected Democrats who have been tapped to fill state administrative positions.

This isn't curious from the Governor-elect's point of view: after nearly two decades of uninterrupted Republican control of the state's administration, the Democrats are understandably rusty...and are thus notably lacking in experienced administrators.

No...what makes this interesting is those elected personages who have been lobbying to get a plum state job...and the associated fallout.

As I reported back in November, a member of West Haven's "elected class" has been making it known that an administrative position, if offered, would be favorably considered.  Since the time of the original report, the Governor-elect has selected a whole bunch of elected officials...but not our own "favorite son".


Could it be that our special someone (who hasn't been known for the stickin' out of the political neck) didn't do enough for our new governor whilst he was simply a candidate?  Is it possible that someone has less political pull stateside than believed?

Or is there a deeper, more sinister answer?

This particular "hungry child" was just newly re-elected...and should Steve (oops, my bad!) get the job before being sworn in, state law mandates an election to fill the position.  However, if the state job shows up after noon tomorrow (once he is sworn in), the West Haven Democratic Town Committee chooses his successor...without the chance of a challenge.

Think about it: before tomorrow, there's a chance that  someone could become state representative, who would not be beholden to our Golden Boy (who has chosen his minions wisely).  But, after noon tomorrow, this "danger"  - the danger that the voters get to choose their representative - can't happen.

So, the next few days or weeks will tell the truth of the story.  If our boy gets his plum, you can know the "fix was in":  either between Picard and Malloy directly, or between Picard and Steve...with the implicit cooperation by Malloy.  This would show that our Mayor is better at political conniving than are any of his opponents.

If there isn't a job offered, then it was our hometown kid who whiffed at the plate.  Either way, the Mayor won't lose (as usual)...and his opponents don't win (again, as usual.)

Let's see what we shall see, shall we?

Friday, December 31, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New

Like a kidney stone, 2010 has finally passed.  I wish everyone all the best for 2011!  And in keeping with the season:

Thursday, December 23, 2010